Will I go to Heaven when I die?

When I die, I want to go to heaven. Heaven is said to be a beautiful place where it is peaceful and free from all the pain.

I was raised to be afraid of hell.

People say that hell is an ugly place. That bad people are burned down there.

We believe that doing good deeds and being religious will be our ticket to heaven. But is there really heaven and hell? Will praying every night get me to heaven? Will sharing the blessings I receive get me there? Does respecting the elderly be good enough to keep me away from the burning fire? What is considered a good deed?

Tricky, isn’t it?

photo via Google

We will never really know if heaven and hell exist because they say that only our souls go there after we die. No one will return to tell you that these dimensions or places do exist.

So, to be safe, I’ll just be good. I’ll continue to do the things I know is right and be a good citizen of this world. Hopefully that is enough to get me to heaven.

Will you do the same? I suggest you do.

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