An adventure worth going for

Mountain climbing is something we discovered after my brother went to Scout Camp.

They went hiking and camping as a part of their wilderness survival lesson. So to make it short, my brother enjoyed it so much and suggested that it is a good activity to bond on. Being an athletic family, we let our brother organize a hike for us.

Our idea of mountaineering is quite simple, we are going to walk up the mountain.

My dad thought it will motivate us if we have new gears. We went to the sports center to buy some shoes, backpacks and clothes to use.

I noticed that my brother got ropes, gloves and all sorts of things. I thought he would use it for another sport, but tell you what, I was absolutely wrong.

image via Google

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The day of the hike came. It was smooth sailing for the first 2 hours of the climb. My brother said it will be approximately 4-5 hours to reach the peak, depending on how fast we walk.

What he did not inform us, is that we will be jumping off a waterfall.

We have 2 options, we can rappel down or jump. But since it was only a 10-foot waterfall, I choose to jump. Most of us jumped off, but my mom and one of my sisters went rappelling down.

When we reached the peak, we were speechless. We could see both the undeveloped land and some parts of the city. Reaching the top of the mountain was certainly worth it.


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