A life longer than “tale as old as time”.

She might be older than the fairytales you know. She’s been living a life longer than “tale as old as time”.

Tashia is already 102 years old. She lived to watch one generation to another. It is indeed a long journey for the old lady.

Tashia describes her life as a funeral festival.

She saw a lot of her family members die before her eyes. From her parents, to her siblings. From one friend to another.

She has been a part of everyone’s funeral. She wrote a lot of eulogies throughout the years. Ordered many types of flowers with different meanings for each grieving family.

She witnessed how her son was killed. She saw how her husband suffered and failed to survive cancer.

She was there when her first grandchild was born dead. Her only daughter got depressed and hanged herself a week after.


Day by day Tashia prayed. She prayed for her long-lasting journey to demise. She does not want to get a glimpse of another coffin, not if it wasn’t hers.

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