Two hundred-foot Waterfall drop, anyone?

Canyoneering was the first out-of-town adventure me and Michael went to. We are both travel junkies and adventure seekers.

We have been together for 5 years since we were in college. We promised each other that when the time comes that we have a good paying job, we will go to different place and explore.

So there, we went canyoning in Costa Rica. We stayed in a hotel located in La Fortuna the night before the trek. The trail is around the Arenal Volcano.

Arenal Volacano Park Rio Celeste Waterfall image via Google

Since there’s only 2 of us, we booked a guided tour so that we can make the most out of the experience. I knew that there would be a lot of action so I came prepared.

I wore a rash guard and aqua leggings, I didn’t want to go home with cuts and scrapes all over.

Rappelling was surely the highlight of that trip.

There are many waterfalls to rappel, starting from a 10-foot waterfall called Baby. The drop gets bigger and bigger throughout the trip. The last waterfall was a 200-foot drop!

We can certainly say that the hike was worth it. It was canyoning at its finest.

For more rappelling needs, visit

image via Google

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