Online marketing 101

If you are in your 20’s, I bet the first thing you get in the morning is not coffee. Let me guess. It’s your phone. You get your phone and you see that there are no texts or calls, what do you do next? Open Facebook.

Facebook is a part of our daily routine. May it be for work purposes or simply to stalk your crushes. But besides the things I mentioned, Facebook added another great purpose on our list, SHOPPING!

Yes, you read that right. Facebook can be used to find anything you want to purchase. Many small businesses or start-up companies set up Facebook pages or shops to gain more customers.

This has been proven effective since they only invest time and almost no money to set it up. Clothes, food, shoes, bags, even gadgets are being sold on Facebook.


image via Google


What makes this a hit?

People share things online all the time. It’s the word of mouth via the internet. When they share the product or the page, it becomes an instant and free promotion for the business and more people will be talking about it.

Since it is trending, of course you will check it out. Things that are “on-trend” tend to gain more attention and sales. Some people buy things simply because it’s the current trend.

But be careful when buying online. Money transactions are not done via Facebook. Sellers usually ask the shoppers to send the money to their bank accounts or via remittance centers.

You should only send money that you can afford to lose. Make sure that the shop is verified. Check for reviews and feedback to know if they actually send the product after a shopper pays.

Shopping in Facebook is very convenient. You see pictures and you’ll be able to compare it more. You’ll be able to compare the prices, design and everything else.


But in this case, seeing won’t guarantee anything. As they say “Shop At Your Own Risk”.


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