Online marketing 101

If you are in your 20’s, I bet the first thing you get in the morning is not coffee. Let me guess. It’s your phone. You get your phone and you see that there are no texts or calls, what do you do next? Open Facebook.

Facebook is a part of our daily routine. May it be for work purposes or simply to stalk your crushes. But besides the things I mentioned, Facebook added another great purpose on our list, SHOPPING!

Yes, you read that right. Facebook can be used to find anything you want to purchase. Many small businesses or start-up companies set up Facebook pages or shops to gain more customers.

This has been proven effective since they only invest time and almost no money to set it up. Clothes, food, shoes, bags, even gadgets are being sold on Facebook.


image via Google


What makes this a hit?

People share things online all the time. It’s the word of mouth via the internet. When they share the product or the page, it becomes an instant and free promotion for the business and more people will be talking about it.

Since it is trending, of course you will check it out. Things that are “on-trend” tend to gain more attention and sales. Some people buy things simply because it’s the current trend.

But be careful when buying online. Money transactions are not done via Facebook. Sellers usually ask the shoppers to send the money to their bank accounts or via remittance centers.

You should only send money that you can afford to lose. Make sure that the shop is verified. Check for reviews and feedback to know if they actually send the product after a shopper pays.

Shopping in Facebook is very convenient. You see pictures and you’ll be able to compare it more. You’ll be able to compare the prices, design and everything else.


But in this case, seeing won’t guarantee anything. As they say “Shop At Your Own Risk”.


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Two hundred-foot Waterfall drop, anyone?

Canyoneering was the first out-of-town adventure me and Michael went to. We are both travel junkies and adventure seekers.

We have been together for 5 years since we were in college. We promised each other that when the time comes that we have a good paying job, we will go to different place and explore.

So there, we went canyoning in Costa Rica. We stayed in a hotel located in La Fortuna the night before the trek. The trail is around the Arenal Volcano.

Arenal Volacano Park Rio Celeste Waterfall image via Google

Since there’s only 2 of us, we booked a guided tour so that we can make the most out of the experience. I knew that there would be a lot of action so I came prepared.

I wore a rash guard and aqua leggings, I didn’t want to go home with cuts and scrapes all over.

Rappelling was surely the highlight of that trip.

There are many waterfalls to rappel, starting from a 10-foot waterfall called Baby. The drop gets bigger and bigger throughout the trip. The last waterfall was a 200-foot drop!

We can certainly say that the hike was worth it. It was canyoning at its finest.

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A life longer than “tale as old as time”.

She might be older than the fairytales you know. She’s been living a life longer than “tale as old as time”.

Tashia is already 102 years old. She lived to watch one generation to another. It is indeed a long journey for the old lady.

Tashia describes her life as a funeral festival.

She saw a lot of her family members die before her eyes. From her parents, to her siblings. From one friend to another.

She has been a part of everyone’s funeral. She wrote a lot of eulogies throughout the years. Ordered many types of flowers with different meanings for each grieving family.

She witnessed how her son was killed. She saw how her husband suffered and failed to survive cancer.

She was there when her first grandchild was born dead. Her only daughter got depressed and hanged herself a week after.


Day by day Tashia prayed. She prayed for her long-lasting journey to demise. She does not want to get a glimpse of another coffin, not if it wasn’t hers.

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An adventure worth going for

Mountain climbing is something we discovered after my brother went to Scout Camp.

They went hiking and camping as a part of their wilderness survival lesson. So to make it short, my brother enjoyed it so much and suggested that it is a good activity to bond on. Being an athletic family, we let our brother organize a hike for us.

Our idea of mountaineering is quite simple, we are going to walk up the mountain.

My dad thought it will motivate us if we have new gears. We went to the sports center to buy some shoes, backpacks and clothes to use.

I noticed that my brother got ropes, gloves and all sorts of things. I thought he would use it for another sport, but tell you what, I was absolutely wrong.

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The day of the hike came. It was smooth sailing for the first 2 hours of the climb. My brother said it will be approximately 4-5 hours to reach the peak, depending on how fast we walk.

What he did not inform us, is that we will be jumping off a waterfall.

We have 2 options, we can rappel down or jump. But since it was only a 10-foot waterfall, I choose to jump. Most of us jumped off, but my mom and one of my sisters went rappelling down.

When we reached the peak, we were speechless. We could see both the undeveloped land and some parts of the city. Reaching the top of the mountain was certainly worth it.

Will I go to Heaven when I die?

When I die, I want to go to heaven. Heaven is said to be a beautiful place where it is peaceful and free from all the pain.

I was raised to be afraid of hell.

People say that hell is an ugly place. That bad people are burned down there.

We believe that doing good deeds and being religious will be our ticket to heaven. But is there really heaven and hell? Will praying every night get me to heaven? Will sharing the blessings I receive get me there? Does respecting the elderly be good enough to keep me away from the burning fire? What is considered a good deed?

Tricky, isn’t it?

photo via Google

We will never really know if heaven and hell exist because they say that only our souls go there after we die. No one will return to tell you that these dimensions or places do exist.

So, to be safe, I’ll just be good. I’ll continue to do the things I know is right and be a good citizen of this world. Hopefully that is enough to get me to heaven.

Will you do the same? I suggest you do.

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How one man turned his passion into a business

I knew a man who loved sailing more than anything.

He collected boat toys as a child and took great care of each one like they were his prized possessions.

At a very young age, he knew what he wanted. He aims to be the captain of his own ship.

In college, he studied a maritime course in preparation to be a seafarer. He wanted to sail across the world and discover new places. He studied every single thing about boats. From sailboats to commercial ships.

He trained for professional sailing, ocean survival, rigging and many more. He went to great extremes, all for his dream.

But as we all know, not everything goes according to plan.

Before his first journey as a seafarer, he got into an accident causing his vision to be badly damaged. For seafarers, eyesight is one of the most important qualification.

Everything he worked for, it was all for nothing now. He almost gave up on his lifelong dream. Then he realized, he may not be a travelling seafarer but he is a sailor by heart.

Like all the successful people in the world, he looked for another way to use his knowledge and his degree.

He founded a sailboat rigging and hardware company.

He worked hard day and night. Learning all there is to be learned. He sought help from the right people and took each advice with care. Even though he didn’t become the captain of a ship, he is now the captain of his own company.

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Flowers in Funerals: What do they symbolize?

In funerals, you will see flowers. But are you aware that they are not just a mere decoration? Flowers have symbolic meanings.

The type of flowers used in funeral arrangements can express a specific message for the grieving family.

Lilies are the most common flower in funerals.

It symbolizes that the deceased has returned to a state of innocence.

a mix of flowers arranged for a funeral

Chrysanthemums are known to be a symbol of death and grief.

Pink and white orchids show sympathy.

Roses are one of the most recognizable flowers in any funeral.

White roses are the symbol of purity and innocence. Red roses depict love, courage and grief. Crimson roses symbolizes grief, mourning and sadness.



Gladioli portray strength of character, sincerity and moral integrity.

Tulips are also a famous pick because it shows elegance and grace.

White tulips represent forgiveness.

Yellow tulips are a symbol for a fresh start while red tulips signify perfect love.

Hibiscus are well-known to portray femininity and delicate beauty.

These flowers can be arranged alone or together with other flowers.

A basket of Lilies arranged for a funeral

The design/arrangement may be requested to the florist of your choice.

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